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About us

It is our vision to be the foremost and pre-eminent entity in our field of endeavor. This we will achieve not only by having the best products and services but by training, developing, and maintaining a management staff of highly qualified professionals, engineers, and technicians who will be acknowledged for doing their work with competence and with excellence. In all our efforts, we conjoin with nature to ascertain the sustainability of our relationship with the environment.

Our previous installations including Malls, Industrial Plants, Milling facilities, High Rise Buildings, and Power Plants, in every installation, we see to it that every aspect of the unit and site are properly evaluated and carefully considered for optimum performance.

Chairman and CEO


Mr. Sibonga, is the Founder of DANTRU INDUSTRIAL AND ENERGY CORPORATION and spearheads the core projects of the company.  Being an Electrical Engineer his methodologies and original concept approach in electrical manufacturing, design, and installation won him several recognition among other companies.  He is the Principal Supervisor and General Manager for over 16 years of the Company


Mr. Sibonga is known for his commitment to social and economic growth transformation through multi-corporate activities.

COO - 
Director for Procurement and Construction

Mr. Robledo has been in the industry for over 30 years. His experience as Project and Implementation Manager has made him a title in the Industry. His skills in areas of technical and electrical disciplines are Dantru's standards and landed him a Consultant for design, and manufacturing for other  projects in the Company's multi-national network here in the Philippines and  abroad

Robledo has been a  trainer for international electrical conferences and seminars which makes his experience a corporate equity asset.  

Corporate Secretary- Director for Administration 


Mr. Bagaboy is a multi-disciplinary awardee, Motivational Speaker, Lecturer, and Corporate Management Trainer. Mr. Bagaboyboy is the author of several institutional books and documentation. He empowers people’s potential skills in management. 


Mr. Bagaboyboy has written and published several materials for self-strengthening organizations and institutions which sums up the unmatched labor practices of Dantru Corporation.


An industry-acknowledged corporate leader and the nucleus that provides dynamism for the entire business structure.


Noubikko is a U.S trained MBA and MSc,  credited for his methodologies in strategies of corporate policy and disciplines.  He has extensive experience serving on numerous corporate boards and has been the principal backbone for RPConnect and RPC Prime Corporation for the past 28 years.

Director for Sales and Marketing 

Rita has over 12 years of experience in  Human Creativity and Resources. Through organizational and professional realms, she has been in the industry entrepreneurship with focus on talent work-related professional upgrading, marketing, B2B detailed talks, and business development.


Rita brings with her an academe of unmatched expertise of working excellence and relationship in every platform.

DANTRU INDUSTRIAL AND ENERGY CORPORATION:  Fabian Rd., Felipe Bldg., Poblacion-1, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines,
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For Information: information@dantru.net.                   CEO:  ren@dantru.net, dantru100@gmail.com

Dantru Industrial & Energy