To serve the needs of the Power Facilities essential requirements. In this effort, we will provide the most comprehensive line of value-based electrical products and services. This we accomplish with prudence, honesty and integrity with social, moral and economic concepts in our undertakings. With the best products and services  we will provide benefit and satisfaction.  To make  a  society that ascertais ultimate success with pride and dignity.

Infrastructure & Business Development

With corporate urban development which can be attained right at the country-sides and remote parts of the country, we bring development without abandoning the nature of rural life and green environment.  It is a  pursuit of economic progress and social transformation for the quality of life for all.


Technology is the key resource of profound importance for business profitability and growth. It has enormous significance for the well-being of the national economy as well as international competitiveness. 


Dantru is a  company with diversified interests and resources committed to providing for the current and future needs of customers through performance. 

Dantru Development Corporation was conceived in response to the call for the modern implementation of today’s technology. Our group is composed of technical and engineers with the knowledge, special skills, and expertise with related experience of practice. 

At Dantru we are constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services. Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps everyone. 

Knowledge, special skills, and expertise.

Founded by Mr. Floriendelyn L. Sibonga, together with his wife, Mrs. Rita A. Sibonga and later incorporated and Joint Venture with RPConnect Corporation to expand its demographic scope in the technology market.


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