• Design Power Generation & Distribution

  • Perform electrical system calculation & analysis

  • Preparation of substation design including electrical key line diagram

  • Preparation of electrical specifications, data sheets and requisitions

  • Power cabling design including electrical load list and cable schedule

  • Design of lighting system, grounding system, telecom system, electrical heat tracing & cathodes protection system.



  • Engineering calculation and CAD application and design verification

  • Preparation of equipment datasheet, technical specification and requisition

  • Technical evaluation of equipment vendor proposal

  • Review of equipment vendor engineering documents

  • Field engineering and construction assistance



  • Firewater system design

  • Fire proofing design

  • Fire and gas detection design

  • Fire alarm and detection system



  • Instrumentation database preparation and management

  • Instrument system detailed design

  • Field instrumentation and valves design (specifications, datasheets, requisitions)

  • Orifice bore and control valve sizing

  • Technical evaluation of technical proposals

  • Instrumentation 3D modeling

  • Instrumentation installation detailed design

  • Calibration of all instrumentation meters and gauges including digital and conventional.



  • Site development, sewer, drainage, road and paving design

  • Concrete equipment and structure foundation design

  • Structural design analysis and structural member sizing

  • Structural and underground model review and interface checking using 3D modeling tool

  • Plan layout / plot planning

  • Piping material specification and requisition

  • 3D Engineering and design of piping system

  • Pipe support design and system stress analysis

  • Plan and isometric drawing production

  • Piping material technical evaluation and vendor document review



  • Heat and material balance calculations

  • Process design basics

  • Process flow diagram

  • Process data sheets for equipment and instrument

  • Hydraulic calculations

  • Piping and instrumentation diagram



  • Building design and drafting

  • Preparation of building specifications

  • Review and approval of building subcontractor proposal and design documents

  • Bill of Quantities, Bill of Materials and requisition preparation.


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